Submission of Abstract

  • The abstract text should be formatted using 10 point Times or Times New Roman and indented 25 mm from the left margin.
  • Leave 10 mm space after the abstract before you begin the main text of your article, starting on the same page as the abstract.
  • The abstract should give readers concise information about the content of the article and indicate the main results obtained and conclusions drawn.
  • The abstract is not part of the text and should be complete in itself; no table numbers, figure numbers, references or displayed mathematical expressions should be included.
  • It should be suitable for direct inclusion in abstracting services and should not normally exceed 200 words in a single paragraph.
  • Since contemporary information-retrieval systems rely heavily on the content of titles and abstracts to identify relevant articles in literature searches, great care should be taken in constructing both.
  • Keywords should contain maximum 5 words that are written with 11 font size and separated with commas.
  • The Abstract template can be downloaded via ICETS2022 Abstract Template

Submission of Full Paper

  • Will be updated.

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